The Early and Late Supper - 24th April

3 courses | £35.00 Monday - Friday (6pm - 7pm and 9.30pm - 10.30pm)
Simple green salad with cucumber, shallots and herbs.
Hand chopped beef tartare, Maldon oyster mayo.
Velouté of new season garlic, fresh ricotta cheese dumpling.
Goosnargh duck leg, cauliflower and buckwheat, freekeh wheat with pink grapefruit.
Fillet of Cornish cod, spiced carrots and ginger, toasted quinoa.
Slow cooked aubergine Iranian style, herb salad, fermented whey.
Caramelised apple, soft meringue ‘floating island’.
Today’s cheese – Morbier.
Coffee, cannelé and chocolates.